Travel Basketball

The Mt. Lebanon Basketball Association supports and manages the boys and girls Travel Basketball program. Both genders grades 4 thru 8 compete in either the Metro USA, Chartiers Valley leagues or both. From time to time other league opportunities are possible.

The travel season typically runs from November to March. Tryouts are held prior to each season. Children are placed on teams based on the results of the tryouts. It is possible that not all children who tryout will be placed on a team. The association recommends that these children participate in the Mt. Lebanon Rec league and tryout again the following year. Teams are made up of 10 players. There will normally be two teams per level. Some situations dictate more players per team. The MtLBA reserves the right to decide yearly the team size per level.

The time commitment per week for the successful player may be as follows;

Approximate games played per level may be as follows:

-  4th and 5th grade   20 to 25
-  6th and 7th grade   25 to 30
-  8th grade               30 plus

Travel to and from games and tournaments is required.

Coaches for the teams are selected through a formal application process after the tryouts and the teams are selected. Applications can be requested through the website administrator or by the contact listed under the About MtLBA section on the web site .

All players must attend or be eligible to attend Mt. Lebanon schools.

All coaches, players and parents must adhere to the code of conduct and expectations as set forth in the mission statement / code of conduct section on the website.