Mission Statement

The Mt. Lebanon Basketball Association (MTLBA), founded in 1996, is a non-profit youth basketball association. We organize programs of skill development and competition for both boys and girls. Our goal is to provide a positive environment helping each player learn the game to improve as a player.  We believe each player is an important part of the team and will learn life lessons that have value beyond the game such as teamwork, commitment, discipline, and sportsmanship .


Code of Conduct & Expectations

In order to achieve our mission, the Administrators, Coaches, Players, and Parents all have responsibilities. Failure to comply will weaken the ability to have a successful program and provide the best experience for the participants.



MTLBA Administration personnel are volunteers who act as guardians of the program for present and future well being. In representing the Association they:


Coaches are teachers, mentors, advisors, protectors, and role models for the players in the program. In representing the Association they:


Players have responsibilities. They are the reason the Association exists. In representing the Association they:


Parents play a vital role toward the success of our mission. In representing the Association they: